Couponing at Publix Supermarket

Are you new to couponing at Publix?  Then this is for you.  I will teach you all of the terminology and ins and outs of couponing at Publix Supermarket.  

First let's start with terms and abbreviations.

SS-Smart Source-you can find these inserts in your local Sunday papers.

RP-Red Plum-you can find these inserts in your local Sunday papers.

GM-General Mills-you can find these inserts in your local Sunday papers, but not every Sunday.

P&G-Proctor and Gamble-you can find these inserts in your local Sunday papers, but not every Sunday, usually once a month or so.

Blinkie-have you ever seen those little dispensers that you can pull coupons out of when you are walking down isle of the grocery store?  They have a little red light that blinks when you pull out the coupon.  It's usually in front of the product.

Tear pad-a pad of coupons found in front of the product that you can tear off coupons.

Peelie-this is a sticker that can be peeled off the product for money off.  

Printable-this is a coupon that is printed off the internet such as

Manufactures coupon-a coupon that says manufacturers coupon.  It will have a barcode that can be scanned, an expiration date.  They can be any one of the above examples.  Here are two examples-
Notice how the Bird's Eye vegetable coupon says redeemable at Publix stores only?  This is not a store coupon because it says manufacturers coupon right on it.

Publix store coupons-will always have some L.U. # on it.  For example L.U. # 8773.  These can be found in the yellow flyer, green advantage flyer, or Publix booklets found in the store.  They are usually located in the front of the store when you walk in.  Occasionally some stores will not keep them in the front of the store, but at the customer service desk.  In this case you will have to ask for them.  

Stacking-when you use a store coupon and a manufacturers on one item.

Now let's learn how to coupon at Publix Supermarkets-in Florida

O.K. the objective of couponing is to get the best possible price when you go shopping.  When you first start couponing you might not get the best possible price until you get the hang of it and get about 1-2 months worth of inserts.  So don't expect to pay $5.00 for $100.00 worth of groceries right out of the gate.  

So how do I get the best possible price?  Well, you have to match a sale with a coupon or coupons.  

O.K. lets say Tyson Chicken Nuggets are on sale buy one get one free ($7.99 for the first one and the second one is free)  so you are paying $7.99 for both bags of chicken nuggets or $3.99 each.  And then you have a manufacturers coupon for $1.00/1.  So you would use one manufacturers coupon for each bag of chicken nuggets.  Then lets say you have a Publix store coupon for $1.00/1.  You will use one store coupon for each bag of chicken nuggets.  So in the end you will use 4 coupons (2 manufacturer and 2 store) for 2 bags of chicken nuggets.  In the end you will pay $1.99 for each bag.  This is using what is called stacking, which is mentioned above.